ICC offers the following educational programs for the children in the community. There are many families in the community who desires to have their children study in the schools of At-Takaful Islamic Society. Due to shortage of classrooms, the Society cannot enroll all the desirous students. The students get quality education by trained and experienced teachers. The children learn Qur’an, Hadeeth, Islamic History, Arabic language, Theology, Aqeedah and Sirah of Prophet . The Society charges a nominal tuition fee and in case of deserving families offers free tuition to the students and supplies free books.

Oftentimes, it is hard for working parents to transport their children to the Islamic schools. In such cases the Society encourages the parents to carpool the neighboring students and bring them to school. At the present time the Society has no School Bus. A school bus to transport about 60 students is needed. Also the schools need more classrooms, trained teachers and classroom furniture. Every year “The Islamic Knowledge Competition” is organized for the Muslim students of Greater Chicago. This year the students from the Society participated in the competition and achieved outstanding results.

At the end of each academic year, the Annual Day Functions are celebrated separately for Evening School, Sunday school and Summer School.