A highly motivating and spiritually uplifting theme: “Purification of soul and re-connecting with Allah swt.”

Under the guidance of Mufti Talha Suliman from Rustenburg, South Africa.

After Fajr Salah: Prophetic (Masnoon) Duas and Fadhail (blessings) of Fasting

After Zuhr Salah: Fadhail Quran, Reading of Qur’an

Asr and before Maghrib:
Darse Hadith, Tafsir of Selected Surahs, Bayan of Qiyamah, Jahannum, and Jannah

After Maghrib Salah: Iftar for all present

After Isha Tarawih:
Hafiz Abu Nayeem Quadri, Hafiz Abdul Hadi, Hafiz Jubair Ali

After Tarawih: Tafsir of Quran daily for about 15 minutes

Saturday night Youth Itikaf: 1:00 am till Fajr prayer. Get taqwa of Allah (swt)

Sunnah Itikaf (Last 10 days): Iftar, Suhoor, Midnight spiritual talks, Tahajjud

Special Programs on Saturday after Fajr Prayer

1st Saturday of Ramadan: Perfecting of Umrah

2nd Saturday of Ramadan: Perfecting of Salah

3rd Saturday of Ramadan: Perfecting of Zakah

4th Saturday of Ramadan: Revival of Islamic Spirit

Ladies program by an Alimah (daily in ladies room)


Reconnecting with Allah (swt)

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