ICC is hosting a Ramadan Program (2019, 1440 H) with a highly motivating and spiritually uplifting theme:

Purification of the soul and re-connecting with Allah (swt)

The program is run under the guidance of Mufti Talha Suliman of Rustenburg, South Africa.

After Fajr Salah: Prophetic (Masnoon) duas and how muslims should spend their day according to the hadith

After Zuhr Salah: Lessons from Riyadh-us-Saliheen

Asr and before Maghrib: Secrets of Surah al-Kahaf; lessons from the lives of Sahabah; and dhikr

After Maghrib Salah: Iftar

Isha Salah and Tarweeh: Hafiz Abu Nayeem Quadri, Hafiz Abdul Hadi, Hafiz Umer Hussaini and Mufti Talha

After Taraweeh: Tafseer of the recited portion of Holy Qur’an in Taraweeh

Saturday Night Youth Itikaf: 1:00 am till Fajr Salah – Topics benefiting youth

Weekends (after Zuhr): Fiqh lectures (for men & women)

Itikaf (Last 10 days): Iftar, Suhoor, midnight spiritual talks and tahajjud

Special programs on Saturdays after Fajr Salah

Ladies program instructed by an Alima daily after Maghrib in the ladies room

For more information call ICC: 773.989.9330